Engaging your team with what they need to know - when and where they need to know it



Engage’s first step in our work with clients is to decide on a destination and to make sure that we know when we’ve arrived.

Engage meet every client with an open mind. We begin by intensely analyzing each client’s knowledge field using techniques that can include job shadowing, traditional research, interviews with stakeholders, analysis of compliance requirements, and initial surveying. Our goal in this analytical process is a unique and comprehensive competency matrix – a map of behaviours that is used to prove that the required learning has been achieved.


Once Engage starts a project, we create a map to get straight to our client’s desired learning goals and outcomes.

Engage uses our wide ranging teaching, technical, and creative experience and expertise to work with clients to design a complete system of e-learning that improves targeted behaviours and communicates desired outcomes. Engage creates our blueprint for development with clients and encourages 360 client feedback. Our dialogue continues until consensus on a final design is created.


With the design locked down, Engage gets developing.

Using the completed competency matrix, The Engage team of developers construct the learning resources and systems needed for the project. Engage follows a rigorous methodology in developing content:

  1. Competency map/matrix is completed and signed off by client and Engage
  2. List of necessary steps to reach the goal is created and technical specifications required for delivery determined
  3. Deployment plan is presented to client
  4. Manuscripts developed including all required assets and presented for final sign-off
  5. Translation services are coordinated if necessary
  6. Creative concepts developed and finalized after client feedback cycle completed
  7. Storyboard developed, followed by finalization
  8. Complete comprehensive project plan with final delivery date and begin development
  9. Audio components recorded and included
  10. Quality assurance cycle begins with client


After Engage completes development of a project, the client either takes the product or the product is implemented by Engage, or sometimes a combination of both.

Engage always provides full product support.


Every Engage client relationship is an ongoing one.

Feedback, tracking, and comprehensive reports are all part of every Engage product to ensure that each project has met client expectations. Engage offers full support of all products through the life-cycle of the project.

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