Engaging your team with what they need to know - when and where they need to know it

What’s Second Ticket All About?

Second Ticket Online is your opportunity to maximize the impact of all of your efforts to organize, coordinate, and fund your conference or event.  With Second Ticket Online the last day of your conference is only the beginning.

Here’s How it Works

As part of planning, our production team will perform a site visit prior to your event to go over camera locations and timing.

On the big day, our HD camera crews and photographers will roll and capture up to eight consecutive hours of video and photos. We can also use the feed from our cameras to create live on-stage shots of the speaker (picture a rock concert). If you want sponsor reels created to introduce your speakers and add to the energy of the live atmosphere, we do that too.

After the event you will end up with a customized online portal, featuring up to four hours of edited video, and an interactive online experience for everyone you invite to your event. We can even turn your event into a live online conference experience. Access to these portals can be given out freely, or we can set up a secure e-commerce system to charge online attendees and help you access new sources of revenue.

Your portal, which will be online for a full year, can also be branded with your sponsors’ logos and commercials – letting you reach new levels in sponsor value.

Step 1: Capture It

At every event, our video production crews delivers a high standard of performance, using Broadcast Quality, High Definition cameras to capture any speaker or session during your conference.  We then combine this footage with the work of our professional photographer and the addition of motion video graphics and top quality editing techniques, to ensure a final product that will be the showpiece of your successful event.

Step 2: Delivery

Our in-house crew of web developers, programmers, and designers have extensive experience in presenting corporate communications, training, and promotional materials in engaging, creative and innovative formats.  With Second Ticket Online, we have applied the full force of this dynamic team to effectively create online conference portals quickly and efficiently, so that the momentum following your event continues online.

Step 3: Relive it!

SpinServer CMS

Our SpinServer content management system (CMS) allows us the versatility to not only present the materials produced by our production team, but also resources from the conference host, vendors and presenters such as videos, presentation slides, documents, and pictures.

Organization is Key

Can’t imagine a whole conference packaged up into one portal? Second Ticket Online specializes in helping you organize all of your resources and presenting them in a user-friendly interface that utilizes customizable tabs, movable sections, and administrative tracking that will always keep you on top of what’s going on. Our dynamic portal brings order and relevance to the vast amount of materials that can result from your successful conference.

Added vendor value… and revenue!

Make the value of your conference more enticing by offering added value to your vendors with the ability to host and post their materials online. Enhance your revenues by giving participating vendors the ability to purchase access not only to conference attendees well after the event, but a whole new audience of online-only attendees. Second Ticket can also provide video production services for vendors who want a video specifically featuring their products or services.

Step 4: Share It!

Extend your audience

A conference attendee can be overwhelmed by the vast quantities of information presented, and may ultimately lose the information. With Second Ticket Online, your guests will have the opportunity to go back and revisit the conference after the event, and gather any information they may have missed or misplaced.

Support and share Ideas

By adding in community building features like chat rooms, forums, posting boards and commenting, you will constantly and consistently receive feedback from attendees for as long as you have your conference online. By giving users profiles, chances to connect and reasons to always come back, you have a ripe audience just waiting for new information on your next event and latest products and services.

Increase your revenue

By giving your event a second life online, the additional revenue streams open to you can be endless. By combining E-commerce services, user types and role benefits, and added purchase packages right within the portal, you can generate continuous interest and earning potential from your event long after it is over.

Tracking and reporting

When using Second Ticket Online to its full advantage with user log-in functionality and instantaneous reports, you will be able to track visitor access, content usage and resource downloads, and see real-time numbers on what your attendees are most interested in viewing. Imagine the potential for effective planning and marketing this will give you when deciding on your next event!