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Famous Photos and the Faces Behind Them

Famous Photos and the Faces Behind Them

If you were to walk into a student residence building on any North American university campus, you will most likely run into something in at least one out of every five dorm rooms.  As much as you assume I am referring to beer cans, you would be incorrect.  I am referring to a poster, more specifically an extraordinarily famous poster of John Lennon sporting a ‘New York City’  t-shirt on the roof of the Dakota building.  That iconic photo has been seen by millions of people across the world, yet few people could identify the man behind the camera, Bob Gruen.  This story remains to be true throughout the history of iconic photographs.  The photos are elevated to legendary status while the photographers remain anonymous.

Photographer, Tim Mantoani, has created an amazing book entitled ‘Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends’, which focuses on the faces behind the world’s most famous photographs.  This Kickstarter funded project is described by Mantoani:

For the past five years, I have been making portraits of noted photographers on the rare and mammoth format of 20×24 Polaroid. In each case, the photographer is holding one of their favorite or most iconic images. Neil Leifer’s image of Muhammad Ali standing over a knocked-out Sonny Liston, Harry Benson’s epic photo of The Beatles having a pillow fight and Steve McCurry’s famed portrait of the Afghan Girl from the cover of National Geographic to name a few. At the bottom of each Polaroid, the photographer has been asked to write out a short story about their image in their own penmanship. In cases, these words are as revealing about the photographer as the image itself.

The book has documented some amazing historical moments and given the legendary photos new life by showing us the people behind them.  If you are a fan of photography like we at Engage are, then check it out today.

To get more info on the project go to: http://behindphotographs.com

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