Engaging your team with what they need to know - when and where they need to know it

Whether it was a board game, a sport, or a computer program, we’ve all accidentally learned something new by playing a game. At Engage we know that games are still a great way to learn, and that’s why we enhance the courses we design with complex and engaging learning interactivities.

Our games are built for computers, handheld MP3 players, tablets, standalone kiosks, phone apps, or even more unique and specialized hardware like the Young Explorer™, a computer housed in brightly colored, kid-friendly Little Tikes™ furniture.

Games are fun. Learning should be fun.

Interactivities build on the core course content, reinforcing the required learning easily. Games and interactivities work for every kind of learner. Training with an interactive component promotes completion and effective retention by the learner.

Anything can be turned into a game.

Games and interactivities can be created from any learning material. Our clients’ target audiences have included every kind of learner from heavy industrial equipment operators to children so our games and interactivities have been just as different: mineral mining, meal planning, food safety and even picking the best consumer electronic product for the customer’s needs. Engage has a reputation for engaging and innovative games and interactivity approaches in learning.

Interactivity can mean constant feedback and testing.

Engage designs our games and interactivities to score on a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills, or to a very specific area of interest. Interactivity results reporting provides up-to-date progress reports to give clients a constant source of direct feedback for effectiveness of training, learner progress and content retention.

Tracking through scores

As a counterpoint to exams and quizzes, Engage designed games and interactivities can provide accurate measurement of learners commitment to training. Scoring can be used to measure learner improvement through the complete educational program. Organization-wide scoring can provide learner motivation and reinforcement for good results. Scoring reporting can also provide proof of compliance for legally mandated training.