Engaging your team with what they need to know - when and where they need to know it


More and more people need to access information anywhere, anytime

Engage provides clients with the ability to connect customers and learners directly with their organization instantly from anywhere in the world – whether customers are waiting for a flight to depart, learners are sitting in a hotel restaurant, or staff is just about to start a round of golf. Making the mobile connection helps people stay in touch, but also provides great support for recruiting new team members and customers. Engage moves clients beyond just talking to showing everyone what their organization does and how well they do it by using mobile devices, tablets and even smart phones to get their content on display and under discussion.

Smart Devices are here to stay

Engage provides services to the devices their clients currently use and plan to use. We design up-to-date products for modern platforms like cell phones, laptops, tablets and whatever products are coming next on the technology horizon.

Product Knowledge assistive devices

The fastest way to sour a consumer transaction is for a customer to hear “I’m not sure about that product, let me go ask someone”. Productivity can be stalled if line workers don’t have enough information and “have to go check”. We create products that reduce the required training time by providing real-time on the sales- or shop- floor assistance to your organization. Our products for handheld mobile devices are packed with detailed information on all the product or program details necessary to keep sales or production moving.

Start one place, end in another

Engage designs programs that allow clients and staff the flexibility to begin content in one location and continue the work in another. Learners can use organizational computers and systems for a portion of the content and then log in at a later time in a different location without any break in the content or in the reporting of their progress. Products begun on an office desktop computer can move seamlessly to a smartphone on the bus – all with the same content and results. Our products are built to fit the lives and needs of client learners.

Using what people have, and what they know

Engage is flexible. We design accessible programs and modules that fit the technology our clients are already using. Learners can jump right into the learning process without spending time adapting to new interfaces. Client learners are already familiar with the product platforms, screens, navigation and views, so they start learning the core content from the first log in.

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