Engaging your team with what they need to know - when and where they need to know it

Social Design

Corporate Video Channel

Engage designs tools to make connection easier between any community, group or audience. The Corporate Video Portal is a personalized and secure YouTube accessible anywhere in the world the company has employees.

Sales Reps at McCain send in “field reports” to the Corporate Video Portal to share them with head office and their wider international sales community.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts use the Corporate Video Portal to send out corporate communication to hotels all over the world. Four Seasons videos can be highlighted and marked for viewing by individual employees, groups, or the entire company, allowing employees to log in and receive communications with a personal feel and connection.

Facebook Integration

Creating a great product or service is a wonderful first step, but in order to achieve great results clients need to find ways to reach people, and more importantly, incorporate that specific  service or product into people’s lives. Facebook and other social media allow Engage to use of technology people are already use everyday and connect directly with them.

The Engage developed Feeding Kids Success Plan-a-Plate application allows users to plan meals, access nutritional information, create grocery lists and watch health tips.

By integrating the Plan-A-Plate application into Facebook, the tool becomes part of the daily routine and shared by users using What’s On My Plate so friends can view results. Users are directed back to the Feeding Kids Success website and Breakfast For Learning.

Engage worked with Rose Reisman to integrate The Art of Living Well with Facebook to bring her daily nutritional information directly to her membership.

Community Profiles

Engage built a community site for Noront, a Canadian exploration and mining company located in Toronto, and the Matawaa communities of Northern Ontario. The portal, Mikawaa (an Oji-Cree word meaning discovery) encourages users to create profiles, post photos and chat, while Noront can maintain complete control of the interface. The site encourages conversation and consultation about resource development.

Engage also created a social networking community for The Art of Living Well, with a strong Facebook presence for attracting new participants. Members of the Engage designed community get custom content just for them.

Google Mashups

A mashup makes use of two or more information sources and combines them to create a new service. Engage combined Google mapping with information about the Breakfast For Learning School Program locations.

Engage also used Google mashups to create N2N, a 3D procurement tool, to match Aboriginal businesses with clients, encouraging purchasers to consider connections to Aboriginal vendors through any combination of proximity, experience and unique services.

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