Engaging your team with what they need to know - when and where they need to know it


The Engage Spin Server is the name of our own in-house designed corporate video portal. The Engage team loads a Spin Server within the client organizational site so that the client employees and executives all over the world can easily access and view videos. The Engage Spin Server can be the base of a client e-learning program, or can be used as one of the many tools clients use to keep their team informed and up-to-date. These targeted video clips are a powerful tool for establishing a team culture and identity.

Clients of the Engage Spin Server can use the product for different results:

Sales Reps at McCain send in “field reports” to the Engage Spin Server to share them with head office and their wider international sales community.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts use the Engage Spin Server portal to send out messages from CEO Katie Taylor to hotels all over the world. Four Seasons videos can be highlighted and marked for viewing by individual employees, groups, or the entire company, allowing employees to log in and receive a message with a personal feel and connection.