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Timescapes and Red Epic Digital Cameras

Timescapes and Red Epic Digital Cameras

At Engage, we never cease to get excited about new technological advancement in digital media.  If you love to see what the future has in store as much as we do, then you will thoroughly enjoy the links at the bottom.

Tom Lowe, winner of the 2010 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award, has been putting together a visually stunning work entitled ‘Timescapes’.  He described the film and technology used on his blog:

“The film will be roughly 45 minutes in length, a mixture of timelapse, slow-motion, and real-time footage shot in beautiful digital RAW format on Canon and RED cameras.”

The footage is unbelievably beautiful. The RED Epic camera is so high in resolution that it is shocking when watching the footage to think that this hasn’t been created by using CGI.  The line of RED cameras are slowly making their way into Hollywood, with their 3D models being used in the upcoming Spiderman reboot film and the Peter Jackson directed blockbuster, The Hobbit.

Click the links below to watch the footage from ‘Landscapes’ and to check out the RED website:

Timescapes: http://timescapes.org/

RED:  http://www.red.com/products/epic

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